Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 2.0 or greater within 200 mi
Update time = Wed, 19-Jun-2019 9:39am PDT

Epicenter Near Magnitude Distance to Epicenter Time Link
8 mi W of Lakeport, CA 3.2 000161100 mi 1560954977Wed, 19-Jun-2019 7:36am PDT map
3 mi NW of Parkfield, CA 2.0 000254158 mi 1560949605Wed, 19-Jun-2019 6:06am PDT map
14 mi WSW of New Idria, CA 2.1 000196122 mi 1560917319Tue, 18-Jun-2019 9:08pm PDT map
7 mi WNW of The Geysers, CA 2.0 00013383 mi 1560906808Tue, 18-Jun-2019 6:13pm PDT map
10 mi SE of Pinnacles, CA 3.3 000180112 mi 1560891388Tue, 18-Jun-2019 1:56pm PDT map
4 mi ESE of Pinnacles, CA 2.5 000171106 mi 1560861839Tue, 18-Jun-2019 5:43am PDT map
6 mi SW of Ridgemark, CA 2.6 00013081 mi 1560840917Mon, 17-Jun-2019 11:55pm PDT map
5 mi SW of Ridgemark, CA 2.7 00012980 mi 1560810580Mon, 17-Jun-2019 3:29pm PDT map
6 mi NE of Markleeville, CA 2.4 000239149 mi 1560789439Mon, 17-Jun-2019 9:37am PDT map
1 mi SW of Anderson Springs, CA 2.2 00012075 mi 1560734761Sun, 16-Jun-2019 6:26pm PDT map
2 mi SW of Anderson Springs, CA 2.3 00011974 mi 1560734609Sun, 16-Jun-2019 6:23pm PDT map
14 mi NNE of San Lucas, CA 2.1 000199124 mi 1560711144Sun, 16-Jun-2019 11:52am PDT map
1 mi NW of The Geysers, CA 2.5 00012578 mi 1560680413Sun, 16-Jun-2019 3:20am PDT map
3 mi E of Mammoth Lakes, CA 2.0 000285177 mi 1560657183Sat, 15-Jun-2019 8:53pm PDT map
3 mi E of Mammoth Lakes, CA 2.5 000285177 mi 1560655778Sat, 15-Jun-2019 8:29pm PDT map
2 mi NNW of Pinnacles, CA 2.0 000161100 mi 1560651796Sat, 15-Jun-2019 7:23pm PDT map
12 mi S of Cantua Creek, CA 2.4 000228142 mi 1560638916Sat, 15-Jun-2019 3:48pm PDT map
3 mi E of Mammoth Lakes, CA 2.1 000285177 mi 1560605471Sat, 15-Jun-2019 6:31am PDT map
3 mi ESE of Mammoth Lakes, CA 2.6 000285177 mi 1560605458Sat, 15-Jun-2019 6:30am PDT map
3 mi E of Mammoth Lakes, CA 2.7 000285177 mi 1560605449Sat, 15-Jun-2019 6:30am PDT map
1 mi NNE of Pacifica, CA 2.4 00003220 mi 1560562083Fri, 14-Jun-2019 6:28pm PDT map
2 mi W of Cobb, CA 2.4 00012880 mi 1560552908Fri, 14-Jun-2019 3:55pm PDT map
10 mi ESE of Boonville, CA 2.6 00015898 mi 1560552216Fri, 14-Jun-2019 3:43pm PDT map
10 mi ESE of Boonville, CA 2.4 00015898 mi 1560534420Fri, 14-Jun-2019 10:47am PDT map
10 mi SE of Boonville, CA 2.9 00015898 mi 1560534188Fri, 14-Jun-2019 10:43am PDT map
10 mi ESE of Boonville, CA 2.3 00015898 mi 1560530767Fri, 14-Jun-2019 9:46am PDT map
2 mi NNW of The Geysers, CA 2.2 00012779 mi 1560500433Fri, 14-Jun-2019 1:20am PDT map
13 mi NW of Pacific Grove, CA 2.4 00011370 mi 1560478289Thu, 13-Jun-2019 7:11pm PDT map
7 mi ENE of Pinnacles, CA 2.4 000167104 mi 1560449709Thu, 13-Jun-2019 11:15am PDT map
7 mi NNE of Napa, CA 2.4 00006842 mi 1560423031Thu, 13-Jun-2019 3:50am PDT map
12 mi SSW of Whitehawk, CA 2.1 000239149 mi 1560412954Thu, 13-Jun-2019 1:02am PDT map
1 mi WNW of Vallejo, CA 2.1 00003924 mi 1560399454Wed, 12-Jun-2019 9:17pm PDT map

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Map and data courtesy of United States Geological Survey.